Anglo-Saxon Geteld Making
The following plans are for a geteld with side opening and two bell ends.
The overall dimensions are 14' 4" long at the ridge pole, 8' high and 16'
wide. the bell ends extend outward an additional 4' at each end giving you a
total ground length of 22' 4" approx. For this tent you will need about 136'
x 60" of canvas.

Cutting list for canvas including 2" for seams.
A 60" x 24' 5" x 3 pieces...........Main tent
B 60" x 10' 6" x 2 pieces...........These get cut into 2 diagonally
C 60" x 9' 6" x 2 pieces .............These get cut into 2 diagonally
D 36" x 15' x 1 piece....................Ridge cap
E 60" x 12' x 8 pieces...................Flaps
F 12" x 11' 41/4" x 2 pieces.....Weather flaps

Cutting list for the wood (2'' x 4'')
1 ridgepole @ 16' (2 @ 8' spliced with a metal sleeve)
2 tent poles @ 8' with metal spike into ridgepole.
You will also need two extra poles , not necessarily 2" x 4", to support the
side opening, and two double guy ropes.
Ties and tent peg anchors
Webbing for anchors, approx 50'. this gives you one anchor every 18" @ 6"
per anchor.
Twill tape for ties, approx. 100' per tent. ties 12" long.
Tent pegs about 46. This seems a lot but remember that the canvas acts as
the stabilizing force and you do not need any guy ropes ( except when you
open the side).
Sewing instruction.
Main canvas.
1 Sew the 3 "A" sections together (double seams)
2 Sew on the anchor tapes (for tent pegs) approx. 12" up from the bottom on
both edges of the 14' 4" sides. This attachment will be stronger if you sew
a small piece of canvas on the inside of the tent along with the ties.
3 Sew on the tie tapes onto the weather flaps.
4 Sew on the weather flap.
5 Sew on the tapes (inside) along the middle on either side of where the
ridgepole will be.(these hold the canvas down to the ridgepole.
6 Sew on (the outside) the ties to fasten on the ridgepole cover.
7 On the bottom of each of the 4 sections "B" and "C" sew on both the 12"
weather flap "E" and at the same time the tent peg anchors (webbing). Cut
this across the 60" width, this will help prevent shrinkage.
Bell ends.
8 Sew two section "C" together, then on either side of this add 1 section
"B". do the same again for the other bell end. You should now have two bell
ends comprising of 4 pieces each sewn together.
9 On the outside edges add the tie tapes. Only on the side that will be
10 Sew one side of each bell end onto the main canvas. You must allow room
for the ridgepole to pass through at the apex. Also on the side that will
open, sew the bell ends down from the top about 18" or so. this will ensure
a good strong attachment at the top and will also strengthen the structural
integrity afforded by the bell ends.
Ridepole cap.
11 This cap, we have decided, will be attached by ties to the main tent
canvas, and at each end of the ridgepole where it projects outward, it will
also be tied down. This will ensure that any gap created by the ridgepole
passing through the canvas, will be protected from inclemant weather. Earl
Syr David commented that perhaps these two holes historically gave
ventilation in case of a small fire being situated in the tent.
12 Please note that these directions were written prior to the commencement
of actually making a geteld. We may find that changes are to be made from
practical experience. Please let me know.

General layout of the canvas.
You have 108' x 60" of canvas.

24' 5" + 24' 5" + 24' 5" + 10' 6" + 10' 6" + 9' 6"

| A | A | A | B | B | C |

This adds up to 104'. From the remaining canvas cut 12" strips across the
canvas for the flaps ("E")
You still need.........
"E" 12" x 60" x 2 pieces for flaps.
"D" 36" x 16" x 1 piece -ridgepole cap.
"F" 12" x 11' 41/2" x 2 pieces weather flaps.
"C" 60" x 9' 6" x 1 piece bell end piece.
For those of us using the tan coloured canvas we have extra yardage and will
cut colletively the above extra requirements, it's more economical this way.
It works out to approx. 28' @ $4.25 per yard = $38.00 per person.
for those using the clear canvas I do have similar type canvas to that which
you have already purchased but this is not treated for either mildew or
water resistance, and is $2.50 per yard about 68" wide.
NOTE. All this information only applies should you be making the geteld 8"
high x 16' wide and with a ground length of 22' 4".

Regards, Foote and Grainne.
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